Kristin Chenoweth Returning To Comedy Series Kirstie

Photo courtesy of WENN Images

Photo courtesy of WENN Images

Ella Rayment
Staff Writer

Kristin Chenoweth is set to return to the TV Land series Kirstie this month.

The actress is returning to play Brittany Gold, the manipulative understudy of Kirstie Alley’s character, Maddie. The episode revolves around Maddie’s son Arlo, who is yet to lose his virginity, so his mother enlists the help of her understudy. The plan, however, begins to fail after Arlo falls in love with Brittany.

Chenoweth had previously appeared on the show last year, and has had her fair share of unforgettable roles in shows such as Glee and The Good Wife.

Kirstie is also set to welcome Fringe star Mark Valley as Maddie Banks’ boyfriend in a crossover with Hot in Cleveland, TV Lands first ever crossover episode. The production for the episode began last month. The sitcom, which premiered December 4 (2013), has previously enlisted big time actor John Travolta for one episode. Travolta had previously worked with Alley in the 1989 film Look Who’s Talking.

Chenoweth’s return to the show will be January 22. Hot in Cleveland will return in the spring.

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