Legends Of The Knight: The Batman Documentary Gets February Release Date

Photo courtesy of Brett Culp

Photo courtesy of Brett Culp

Michelle Cherner
Staff Writer

It’s finally here Batman fans!

After a year of raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign, filmmaker Brett Culp is set to release his Batman documentary Legends of the Knight this February.

Legends of the Knight features heart warming interviews with fans who talk about their love and devotion for the popular DC Comic superhero.

Legends of the Knight is a feature-length, not-for-profit documentary film about the power of storytelling to creative positive change in our lives and in the world around us,” the production team wrote on the Kickstarter page.

”Over many decades, the Caped Crusader has motivated people around the globe to overcome devastating obstacles, to help and encourage young people, or to be a vital contributor to the community. His legacy has also been a vehicle for connecting us to each other and stirring the hero within.”

The film also includes special interviews with Dark Knight producer Michael Uslan, writer and editor Denny O’Neil, superhero blogger Jill Pantoozi and Seven Spiritual Laws of Superhereos author Gotham Chopra.

You can check out the official Legends of the Knight trailer below:

Visit the official website for more information and to see if Legends of the Knight will be shown in a city near you. Proceeds from each screening will benefit a local charity in the area.


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