NBC President Spills On Parks And Recreation, Community And Parenthood

Photo courtesy of NBC

Photo courtesy of NBC

Roxanne Powell
Staff Writer

Today (Sunday, Jan 19) marks more than just the return of Sherlock to US television! Parks and Recreation is set to return for its seventh season, according to an unofficial confirmation from NBC President Robert Greenblatt at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

The current season will close later this month.

Greenblatt also dropped a few hints on the future of Community, but refused to give anything more than a slight hint. He claims that a sixth season is a “strong possibility,” but nothing is confirmed.

But here’s hoping!

Parenthood is also up for possible renewal, having received a respectable influx of viewers and ratings this past season.

Greenblatt had nothing but good things to say about Parenthood.

“It’s a show we love and it’s doing really well, creatively – and we love [creator] Jason Katims.

“Everything’s relative, but it’s actually done better on Thursday at 10 than several things we’ve had there in the past year, year and a half. So I’m hopeful we can get it to another season. A lot will have to do with development [of new shows] and other factors.”

As always with television, nothing is set in stone—and a hiatus is always just around the corner.


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