Elementary’s Executive Producer Reveals His Wish List Of Guest Stars

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Angie Grace
Staff Writer

Elementary creator Rob Doherty has told reporters from Access Hollywood that he has a “wish list” of actors and actresses he’d love to guest star on his hit CBS series, while appearing at the at the Television Critics Association Winter Tour 2014. Namely, he’d love to have Alan Rickman and Idris Elba appear.

“My wish list? I love Idris Elba,” Doherty said, “I’m a big fan of Luther. He’s amazing.”

Doherty also spoke his desire to recruit a Harry Potter alum “At various times, for different characters, Alan Rickman’s name has been bandied about and he’s fantastic. If an opportunity to work with him ever materialized, that would be pretty good.”

Elementary has had many guest stars during its two seasons on the air, including Rhys Ifans, Vinnie Jones and Sean Pertwee.

Elementary is a contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes character.There is a BBC One version, entitled Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Elementary airs Thursdays at 10pm ET on CBS.


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