Jared Padalecki On Sam And Dean’s Future And The Upcoming Supernatural Spin Off

Photo courtesy of The CW

Photo courtesy of The CW

Stephanie Coats
Lead Events Editor

The core of Supernatural has been shaken. Dean and Sam have split from each other and it may be a while before the brothers reconcile. Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen the midseason finale

Last Tuesday, Gadreel played around in Sam’s body and mind before the Winchester boy was rescued by his crew. In the aftermath, Dean and Sam had a rough heart-to-heart where the former accused his younger brother of being poisonous. Believing everyone around Sam dies or worse, Dean decided he was done with his brother. For his part, Sam said he didn’t think he was the problem between the two of them but let Dean go.

So what’s ahead for the demon hunters? “They’re handling it as you expect them to,” Jared Padalecki said to TV Line. “Sam kind of goes introverted and Dean goes forward. Sam is more the kind of guy that thinks something out and says, ‘Well, you know, this is where you messed up [and] this is why I’m upset.’”

On a happier note, the show itself is going strong. In addition to being renewed for a tenth season, CW is developing a spin-off set in Chicago. Episode 20 of Supernatural will serve the launch for the new show, which will feature monsters and hunters (duh).

“I think it’s awesome,” Padalecki said. “I think it’s a cool story to tell. Supernatural fans have spoken and said listen, there aren’t 100 million of us, but those of us that do watch the show are passionate and want to hear more stories and read fan fiction and be a part of this world. So I think it’s great. Anything that makes them happy.”

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