Len Wiseman Teases Fans Before Tonight’s Sleepy Hollow Finale

Photo Courtesy of CNN

Photo Courtesy of CNN

Ella Rayment
Staff Writer

The first season of Fox’s hit drama Sleepy Hollow is set to end in a massive way tonight.

Co-creator and executive producer Len Wiseman warns that although fans may think they are prepared for what’s to come, a shocking decision made by one of the characters will blow all preparation away. Wiseman told TVLine that fans already know that ‘there will be a sacrifice made’ and, to dull the blow that will inevitably follow the impending choice, he also says that even the audience would be ‘hard-pressed’ to make a decision as the happenings in Purgatory are set to be revealed. Wiseman explains further:

“You know that you would never sacrifice anyone you love, but when you’re faced with what they’re faced with in this episode, you would have to reevaluate if you would take somebody else’s life or not to get through what [the characters] are going to get through… We don’t use ‘sacrifice’ lightly.”

With this new information, it could be thought that Abbie and Ichabod may have to choose to give each other up when faced with what the episode will hold. And actor Tom Mison (who plays Ichabod) has done nothing to quell this terrible thought, saying that ‘just saying that breaks [his] heart’. Which isn’t a confirmation, nor a denial, of the theory.

Both Wiseman and Mison have offered plenty more spoilers:

First of all, who is the true Witness? This question was recently raised by co-creator Roberto Orci. ‘Every time we give an answer, there’s always a question with it’, responds Mison, who can confirm that there are definitely two Witnesses destined to stand against the apocalypse and that there will be ‘lots of discussion’ about this matter in the two hour finale.

Second of all, Mison can also report that the finale will introduce his character’s father, played by Canadian actor Victor Garber (Alias) who, according to the Brit is ‘spot-on’ with his English accent.

The last thing Mison can leave with us is that Ichabod’s long lost, and a bit dead, son will ‘absolutely be addressed’, elaborating by saying that ‘Jeremy will be there in presence’.

Back to Wiseman, who as well as confirming the appearance of The Horseman of War, who says ‘we travel to Purgatory’ and that the audience will be surprised about ‘who survives that and who doesn’t’. To further this, Mison (yes, him again) says Henry Parrish the sin eater will be there when it all goes down, and that through this, Crane and Parrish’s ‘bonds are strengthened.’

The finale will air on Fox (8/7c) tonight. The second season has already been confirmed.


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