Peter Capaldi Perfect For Doctor Who, Say Musketeers Co-Stars

Photo Courtesy of Robert Viglasky/BBC

Photo Courtesy of Robert Viglasky/BBC

Adrienne Tyler
Staff Writer

Support for new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, keeps coming and this time from his Musketeers co-stars, who admitted they were shocked when Capaldi was cast as the twelfth Doctor.

Capaldi plays villain Cardinal Richelieu in BBC One’s The Musketeers; however, his casting as the new Doctor rules him out of any potential second series of Musketeers.

His co-stars were surprised when Capaldi’s time-traveling role was revealed in August:
“It hadn’t occurred to me and when he was cast, it just seemed the most brilliant decision. I thought, ‘Of course! So I’m very excited” Tom Burke, who plays Athos, said.

Alexandra Dowling (Queen Anne) admitted to feel a “mixture of elated and sad”: “It was so exciting and then we were like… ‘Oh no!’ but it was just such a privilege to work with him”.

Maimie McCoy, who plays Milady de Winter, confirmed that Capaldi was a big Who fan prior to being cast as the new time-lord: “He is perfect for it. He’s also massively into it – I think he has been since he was very young which is great for the show”.

The Musketeers continues next Sunday at 9pm, while Doctor Who will be back later this year on BBC One.

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