Benedict Cumberbatch Plans To “Keep Going” With Sherlock

Photo courtesy of BBC

Photo courtesy of BBC

Adrienne Tyler
Staff Writer

Sherlockians and Cumberbabes will be happy to know that Benedict Cumberbatch has confirmed that he plans to “keep going” with Sherlock.

According to co-creator Steven Moffat, a fourth and fifth season are currently being planned. We can be sure that Benedict won’t go anywhere.

“I’m going to keep going with it. I love it. I find it very invigorating” Benedict said at the TCA press tour.

Cumberbatch also spoke about the CBS version of the famous London detective, Elementary, starring Jonny Lee Miller. He had one word to say about rumours of a feud between the two shows: “bullshit”.

He also revealed he has discussed the role of Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr, who has played the famous detective on the big screen twice.

“I sat down on the sofa with Robert Downey Jr last night, and we had our first conversation and shared notes on playing Sherlock Holmes. This is the most dramatized fictional character of all time, so there’s a lot to talk about” Cumberbatch said.

Steven Moffat has insisted Sherlock will return for its fourth season “as quickly as possible”, depending on the schedules of stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

“Benedict and Martin are apparently in movies! So we’ve got to schedule around them, but we’ll get them made as quickly as we can” Moffatt explained.

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