Holy Family Batman! Son Of Batman To Be Released In 2014

Photo Courtesy of batman.wikia.com

Photo Courtesy of Batman Wiki

Lauren McElmeel
Staff Writer

Batman fans do have something to look forward to despite Man of Steel’s Batman-laden sequel being pushed back to 2016— an animated movie that will be released this spring on DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Son of Batman is based on “Batman and Son” by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert, which introduces Bruce Wayne to Damien, “the result of a night of passion when younger, with some genetic engineering and other bad science thrown in for good measure.” Damien was also raised by the League of Shadows.

Jason O’Mara will voice Bruce Wayne, with Stuart Allen portraying Damien. Morena Baccarin will voice Talia, Damien’s mother and Giancarlo Esposito will provide the voice of Ra’s Al Ghul, Batman’s formidable enemy and Talia’s father. David McCallum voices Alfred Pennyworth, Wayne’s trusted confidant and butler.


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