Meryl Streep Reacts To Emma Thompson’s Oscar Snub


Photo courtesy of Tumblr

Clare Sidoti
Managing Editor

She’s one of the best actresses of her generation and put in an amazing performance as Mary Poppins‘ author PL Travers in Saving Mr Banks, so when the Oscar nominations were read out last Thursday, the absence of Emma Thompson in the Best Actress category shocked many. Included in that number was friend and fellow acting heavyweight Meryl Streep.

Streep, whose role in August: Osage County gave her a record breaking 18th Oscar nomination, revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that following the nomination announcement, she sent Thompson a “long email”.

During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Streep said of the snub, “I was really shocked. And I wrote her a long, heartfelt email saying how bad I felt. And she wrote me back and said, ‘Good’.”

Streep went on to say that there were “a lot of surprises and injustices” this year. Included in those surprises for her, was her own for August: Osage County’s matriarch Violet Weston. “I’m so old news,” she said. “There were so many performances this year that were great.”

The Oscars are handed out March 2, with Ellen DeGeneres taking up hosting duties once again. And from the sound of things, expect a dig directed to Streep during one of Ellen’s spots as she promised the actress that she would make sure she found her in the audience this year and do something with her.

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