Musical Shopping! Spotify Debuts New Artist Merchandise Store Live On Site

Photo courtesy of Spotify

Photo courtesy of Spotify

Claudia Walrad
Staff Writer

Bob Dylan knew what he was talking about when he said that “Times They Are A-Changing!”  This includes the way we listen to music, purchase music, and now shop for our favorite artist’s merchandise.  Music fans will now be able to browse through the all new Artist Merchandise Store on Spotify.

Now that the Swedish company’s new service is up and running, music-lovers have more options available than running to the mall to get their favorite treats.  Thanks to a teaming-up of Spotify with Topspin, links will be available to the official merchandise for artists and groups who have accounts with Artist Link.  Currently, this perk is only available to English language users.  According to Spotify’s blog, the new service is going along swimmingly, so it is anticipated that more options will follow.  An introductory video on their website will do all the explaining for this unique new feature on such an innovative music streaming option.

“Music for everyone” is what Spotify boasts and has been delivering since 2006 to increasing popularity.  Now free to mobile device users, listeners can stream their favorite tunes from cell phones, tablets, and PC’s, at no charge.  Judging by their evolution in keeping up with the latest and greatest in the world of music streaming, this new Artist Merchandise Store appears to be the first of new surprises on the horizon for Spotify users.

The business of music, its technology and marketing, has introduced to the world 8-tracks, iPods, and Pandora, to simply name a few.  It looks like Spotify can be added to the list of things that are a-changing… when it comes to music, Dylan really does know what he’s talking about.

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