Parenthood And About A Boy Creator Promises Interaction Between Shows


Photo courtesy of NBC

Chessie Reiss
Staff Writer

The Huffington Post reports that NBC’s Parenthood and About a Boy creator, Jason Katims, will have characters from his two series mingle. Both series are set in San Francisco and in the same time period, so for Katims it seems logical that the characters would interact occasionally.

David Walton, who plays Will Freeman in About a Boy, has already starred in an episode of Parenthood when Freeman showed up at a poker game at which Crosby Braverman (Dax Shepard) was also in attendance. There are also plans to have Braverman appear in a similar capacity in a future episode of About a Boy. Katims said, “It’s ‘one-and-one’ for now, but we’ll see how that goes and then go from there.”

About a Boy will premiere February 21 at 10:30 pm EST, after the Olympics. On February 25 it will return to its regularly scheduled time at 9:00 pm EST on Tuesdays.

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