Chelsea Handler Admits She’d Murder Her Father During A #nofilter Interview

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Ben Patton
Staff Media Lead

Comedian and actress Chelsea Handler has never been short on words and definitely never short on candor.

In a recent interview with the HuffPost for their #nofilter column, Handler gave a shockingly frank, slightly morbid answer when asked what crime she would commit if she could get away with it.

“Murder. Yeah, I’d murder my father. There’s an age demo and he’s outlived it. If I could murder him and get away with it, or not murder him, but euthanize him, than I would. He’s not bringing any joy to anyone,” she told the HuffPost.

Handler has admitted in the past that her relationship with her father is strained (to say the least). She told Katie Couric she attributes her tough skin to her childhood and seeing her parents struggle with the sudden death of her brother.

“To see your father wake up crying and cry in front of people all the time about his first son being dead, to see that you’re like…’Stop it you’re supposed to protect us’ so I think in my way I just got this really tough exterior,” she explains. “Because I’m like ‘OK I gotta get my act together because these two people are kinda falling apart.’”

So while we don’t actually think Chelsea plans on murdering anyone, it is pretty safe to say she’s not a daddy’s girl.

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