Nashville: Kelly Clarkson Stops In Music City During A Week Of Intense Emotions

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Courtesy of

Ben Patton
Staff Media Lead

Last week we dove back into the drama of music city following a winter finale that left us with not one, but two cliffhangers!

We ended the first half of the season with Peggy taking a bullet meant for Teddy; we weren’t sure if she survived until last week when it was clear she had not survived.

Will didn’t show up for his radio interview with Layla, which prompts Brent to head over to Gunner’s to look for him. The last time we saw Will he was standing on a railroad track awaiting his death. Gunner finds out where Will was heading and tracks him down; luckily he finds him alive, but not necessarily well. Will opens up about his failed suicide attempt and Gunner convinces him not to give up.

Scarlett finds out that Kelly Clarkson wants to record one of her songs, which pushes her back into contact with Gunner and Zoe. Though their big debut for superstar Clarkson didn’t exactly go picture perfectly due to Scarlett’s latent resentment towards Gunner and Zoe’s secret relationship.

Rayna continues working on her album with Liam, but starts to think Jeff’s market research may be more valuable than she previously cared to admit. While Teddy believes he’s still a target and cautions Rayna to keep the girls away from him to keep them all safe.

Juliette is getting lots of heat from the haters following the Wentworth scandal, all while dealing with Layla’s pesky antics. Though she finds herself on tabloid covers once again for blowing up at protestors who took an angry tirade out of context; which paints her in a not so heavenly light. In fact she gets a whole cup of black paint poured on her Glee-style by one of the protestors chanting “No Respect For Juliette.”

Juliette tries to enlist Layla to help clear the air with the media and set the records straight. Though she might regret being indebted to her rival, Layla agrees to help her out to save Juliette’s reputation and their tour.

Deacon’s new career options have him stressing and acting like a jerk; but he finally comes to his senses and realizes his wrongs and that he is actually happy. Now he just needs to start acting like it.

Rayna finds out her duet with Luke Wheeler hits number one, and realizes she needs a number one of her own for her upcoming album.

Maddie and Deacon write a beautiful song together, Scarlett and Avery call it quits again, Will freaks out on Brent for what may be the last time, and Juliette’s reputation continues to sink. despite Layla’s help with the media.

Tune in tonight, Popwrappers, for what is guaranteed to be another dramatic episode!

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