Suits Will Go For Gold With An Olympic Guest Star

Image courtesy of USA Network

Image courtesy of USA Network

Eric Campbell
Staff Writer

Michael Phelps is set to make a guest appearance on USA’s hit show Suits.

The gold medalist swimmer tweeted in the past that he is a big fan of the show, and now his fans get to see his dream come true with the first screenshot from his cameo.

USA Today reveals details of Phelps appearance, writing, “After Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) failed to sign Phelps as a client[…]Dana “Scottie” Scott (Abigail Spencer) is determined to land the star athlete for the firm. They’re at a restaurant when Phelps walks in. Spencer serves up some saucy dialogue and Phelps plays it cool.”

Gabriel Macht spoke to USA Today about the Olympian’s acting ability, “When it came to shooting, he turned out to be complete natural. We’d love to have him back.”

Michael Phelps has also made an appearance as himself in HBO’s Entourage. I guess there are some pretty awesome perks to being the most decorated Olympian in history!

Suits returns with Michael Phelps on Thursday, March 6, at 9pm on USA.

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