Arnie Plays A Prank On Gold Gym Goers To Raise Money For Charity

Photo courtesy of ABC

Photo courtesy of ABC

Sunil Gangarh
Staff Writer

Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Gold’s Gym in Venice, California to play a wonderful prank on its visitors in the name of charity!

Schwarzenegger’s passion for improving the education of young people lead him to raise awareness and money for After-School All-Stars, which is a program that provides students with free mentorship, homework help, tutoring and fun-activities.

As well as giving back to young people in this way, the Hollywood megastar also wanted to treat those who donated $10 or more through with a chance of winning two tickets to LA where they’ll have the opportunity to ride with Schwarzenegger in his personal Sherman Tank while smoking cigars!

Just when we thought it couldn’t be any cooler than that, the winners will also get to work out in the tank. And just when we thought Arnold couldn’t be a cooler dude, he has agreed to match every dollar donated!

To check out Schwarzenegger’s attempt at a hilarious prank watch the video below

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