Hugh Bonneville Weighs In On The Future Of Downton Abbey


Photo courtesy of ITV

Clare Sidoti
Managing Editor

Fans of Downton Abbey, don’t start looking for your mourning garb just yet. While there has been much speculation about the future of the hit period drama, star Hugh Bonneville swears that there is no end in sight for Downton.

Speaking to reporters at the 19th National Television Awards Wednesday night, Bonneville revealed, “there’s no plans to definitely finish the show after series five… I’m intrigued to find out what the future of the show is.”

Those associated with the show have recently come out with a number of different timelines for the end of the show. Creator Julian Fellowes stated that he was unsure whether the drama would return for a sixth series. However, a few days later, Gareth Neame, the series’ executive producer, refuted this saying, “the show will live to an age of somewhere between five and 10 years.”

While the fourth series ended in the UK late last year, it is currently screening in the US and set to start in Australia after the Australian Open. The fifth season will start filming on February 10 to be screened in the UK later this year.

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