Love Is Obviously Not Enough To Keep Them Together As The Captain And Tennille Set To Divorce


Photo courtesy of Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Whitney Pierce
Staff Writer

After 39 long years of believing that love could keep them together, it appears as if singers Toni Tennille and “Captain” Daryl Dragon will be getting a divorce.

The musical duo released a number of hits over the years, including the obviously ironic “Love Will Keep Us Together” in 1975, “Muskrat Love” in 1976, and “Do That To Me One More Time” in 1979. They were part of the era where it was cool to be a married couple that sang together. They even had their own television variety show that basically every single person had in the 70s.

Tennille appears to be the one who has filed for divorce from her long-time husband and musical partner as ol’ Captain told TMZ, “I don’t know why she filed. I gotta figure it out for myself first.” Ouch.

Even though the initial gauntlet of divorce papers has been thrown, the two remain living together in the same house.

TMZ has also said that on the divorce documents there is “special mention about health insurance coverage”. Captain was diagnosed with a neurological condition that is similar to Parkinson’s in 2009 and the divorce could result in him getting better medical coverage. Though the fact that he seems to be genuinely shocked at the filing says otherwise.

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