Much Ado About Hiddleston: Thor Director Wants To Team Up For Shakespeare Project

Photo courtesy of BBC

Photo courtesy of BBC

Melissa LoParco
Managing Editor

I’m going to have to ask fans of William Shakespeare, Kenneth Branagh, and Tom Hiddleston to sit down while I deliver this news. Sitting? Okay.

In an interview with ShortList for his latest movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Branagh admitted he’d love to direct Hiddleston in one of Shakespeare’s plays.

The play: Much Ado About Nothing; the character: Benedick.

“It would be great to do. Tom is a fantastic comedian, great in Shakespeare anyway,” Branagh said. “I remember us having a conversation about it, where I said, from my point of view, Benedick was the most fun character to play and experience – and I know he’d be marvellous in it, so we must try and do that.”

Hiddleston and Branagh have previously worked together on two separate occasions, in 2011 for Thor and the BBC television show Wallander which ran from 2008-2010. If this project ever comes to life it would be the first time the two Bard loving actors worked on a Shakespearean play together.

While nothing is obviously confirmed we can all now hold on to the hope of something to come in the future – whether it be on stage or on screen.

Check out the full interview with Branagh below, the section on Shakespeare and Hiddleston begins around the seven minute mark:

One thought on “Much Ado About Hiddleston: Thor Director Wants To Team Up For Shakespeare Project

  1. They were performing together in Grandage’s DonmarWestEnd (at the Wyndham) production of Ivanov when Branagh got confirmation of his Thor directing gig…

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