PopWrapped’s Favorite Troy Barnes Moments Will Wrinkle Your Brain

Courtesy of Survivingcollege.com

Photo courtesy of Survivingcollege.com

Dani Strehle

Content Editor

A little less than four years ago, I stumbled upon a relatively little known show called Community. My first experience with the show happened to be the first Halloween episode. Yeah, you know the one. The episode where Pierce dresses up like an American Gladiator and trips his ass off on the ecstasy provided to him by Starburns. Where Abed dresses up like Batman and provides commentary on snacks in Christian Bale’s strange and creepy Batman voice.

However, what struck me the most between all of this hilarity (and believe me, it was bountiful. I had a stomach ache after it was all said and done) was a character named Troy Barnes. This man-child was so incredibly endearing and blissfully naïve; I knew he would quickly become one of my favorite characters.


Courtesy of Fakeconvos.com

Troy’s one-liners, child-like innocence and adorable bromance will fellow weirdo Abed was the very definition of lovable. But the actor behind the character, Donald Glover, known to those in the hip-hop world as Childish Gambino, has chosen to spread his creative wings and focus on his music. Thus marks the end of Troy Barnes, as he has decided to embark on the around-the-world journey that Pierce was gifted, but never finished, and always regretted.

In honor of this brilliant actor and character’s departure, below are some of my favorite Troy Barnes moments, though most of them will probably also include Abed. They have their best moments together, dontcha know. You will surely be missed, Butt Soup. Thinking about watching Community without you wrinkles my brain.

Courtesy of Comicbook.com

Courtesy of Comicbook.com

Troy never cries…except…

Troy is a sensitive soul. Like, really, REALLY sensitive. Below is one of the best compilations, like ever, of Troy in all of his teary glory.

Troy and Abed In  A Vending Machine

The best part about Troy and Abed is their constant predilection for trouble. Like when they got themselves stuck in a vending machine because it looked fun. Also, the final minute or so of every show undoubtedly garner the episode’s best moments week after week.

Am I Krumping?

What could be better than Troy and Abed krumping, you ask? Troy, Abed AND Jeff krumping, of course! It might be the most enjoyable 33 seconds in history.

La Biblioteca

Troy and Abed have been making beautiful music together since 2009, but this little ditty is my far and away favorite. This is also where, I believe, Troy got his “Disco Spider” moniker.

Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking

In this episode, Pierce pretends to be on his deathbed so that he may go through the exquisitely creepy process of bequeathing the study group members with gifts. His gift to Troy is LeVar Burton, Troy’s idol. But like Troy “Told Pierce a thousand times, I never wanted to meet LaVar in person, I just wanted a picture! You can’t disappoint a picture! I HATE YOU PIERCE!”

There you have it, folks! That is just a smattering of some of my very favorite Troy Barnes moments. Stay classy, Human Beings!


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