Stephen Fry To Play British Prime Minister in 24: Live Another Day

Photo courtesy of The Guardian

Photo courtesy of The Guardian

Kirsty Wallace
Content Editor

With 24: Live Another Day filming in London it is only right to assume that Jack Bauer’s actions could well have an impact on British politics and therefore the role of the British Prime Minister would be required.  Well this is exactly what has happened, and the producers choice to play Prime Minister Trevor Davies is inspired.

They have chosen the national treasure that is Mr Stephen Fry to take control of the UK government in the limited run season which will premiere on May 5.  This is just the best news for fans of the hit Fox show or Stephen Fry himself, and it is just a shame it is only in a fictional capacity.

According to Deadline, an international crisis will bring the relationship between Fry’s PM and US President James Heller, played by William Devane, to breaking point.  One can only wonder if Jack Bauer is part of the problem or part of the solution. It is not yet known when Mr Fry will join filming as he is currently starring on Broadway in Twelfth Night.

Fry joins a star studded cast which includes Benjamin Bratt and Tate Donovan. As we learn more about this long awaited return we will of course bring it to you.

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