The Zac Brown Band Guest Stars On A Rocky Episode Of Nashville

Courtesy of Zac Brown Band

Courtesy of Zac Brown Band

Ben Patton
Staff Media Lead

Scarlett has the chance to perform with the Zac Brown Band while Rayna meets up with Deacon to (hopefully) write her hit single; all while Juliette is still putting out fires (literally) due to continued outrage from protestors across the country.

A slew of venues pull out of Juliette’s tour as a result of her controversial remarks about God. Then Edgehill’s big boss pays her a visit and gets in her face (literally) calling her “trailer trash hiding under a pile of sequins.” Yikes! He gives her no choice but to admit to something she didn’t do in hopes of salvaging her career and the label’s reputation.

Gunner is getting all kinds of opportunities, thanks to his number one hit for Luke Wheeler; even the chance to write with Rascal Flatts. Though the focus on his music isn’t doing his relationship any favors; as Zoey begins to have issues with the lack of attention he’s been giving her.  He makes the ultimate slip-up when he uses Scarlett as an example for Zoey as someone who would “get it,” which, of course, doesn’t end well.

Scarlett’s fatigue and issues with Gunner are starting to take a toll on her and making her just a bit crazy; especially following her breakup from Avery (again). She has a breakdown at Gunner’s party and exclaims to Rayna that she “can’t take it anymore.”

Rayna and Deacon take a trip down memory lane as their writing sessions bring up past highs, but they proved they still have the magic and get a great new single for Rayna’s album. But they call it quits after their first song to avoid any dangerous falls into the past. Instead, Deacon signs a solo contract and Rayna decides to take the next stop with Luke.

Avery takes Juliette out incognito for a little musical therapy on the streets of Nashville…but it’s the pews of the church where she finds refuge and answers. She turns to Avery for a solution to her issue, but we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what that is.

We don’t see much from Teddy other than Deacon’s girlfriend is representing the man accused of murdering Peggy, and once Teddy gets involved, the pieces start coming together and the fingers start pointing to Lamar.

Next week will turn up the heat with guest stars Brad Paisley and Austin Dillon, and from what we can tell, Juliette’s road takes a turn for what could be the worse, and Scarlett also takes a turn down a crooked road in a desperate attempt to prove herself:

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