Director And Writer Of Weekend At Bernie’s Sue MGM And Fox

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Chessie Reiss
Staff Writer

Variety reports that Weekend at Bernie’s director Ted Kotcheff and writer Robert Kane filed a lawsuit against Fox and MGM, saying the companies have failed to pay the filmmakers profits.

Both Kane and Kotcheff signed individual agreements; which first guaranteed them a flat fee, then a percentage of the adjusted gross receipts and a percentage of the net profits, respectively.  They say they have been denied “at least hundreds of millions of dollars” despite the box office receipts showing that the film gross $30 million in theatres and $16 million in residuals. The filmmakers claim they have not seen any profits from the 1980’s comedy.

Kotcheff and Kane hope to get a jury trial, “monetary damages”, and punitive, general, and special damages as punishment against the studios.

MGM has no comment, and Fox did not respond.

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