Pottermore Reveals New Character Info

Photo Courtesy of Pottermore

Photo Courtesy of Pottermore

Aedan Juvet 
Staff Writer

January 26th marks the birthday of one of the most narcissistic characters from the Harry Potter books; Gilderoy Lockhart, Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor, and author of far fetched tales.

To celebrate, author J.K. Rowling has released 3 short audio clips providing new details on the characters past, detailing that he was placed into Ravenclaw by the Sorting Hat during his time as a student at Hogwarts, narrowly escaping being placed into Slytherin.
Rowling also expresses his passion for hair care and his mother’s ambitions for her son.

These snippets were revealed today at A Celebration of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida and will be uploaded to Pottermore.com soon!

It’s refreshing to see J.K. Rowling remembers the fandom wants and needs more Harry Potter any way we can get it.


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