The Wanted Say ‘Our Personal Lives Drove Us Apart’

Photo Courtesy of The Wanted's Official Website

Photo Courtesy of The Wanted’s Official Website

Roxanne Powell
Staff Writer

Singer Max George dished the details on why, as we reported, The Wanted are to drop off the performance scene after their most recent “Word of Mouth” tour. Apparently, their personal lives caught up with the group, and they feel its best to take a break.

But tension has been rising, George explained to The Sun. The brotherly bond that had originally made The Wanted such a fan favorite started to crumble.

“Over the past year there has been a lot of tension,” he said. “Our personal lives drove us apart.

“Things started to happen and we were drifting. We used to be such a brotherly pact, but it started to feel like it wasn’t The Wanted any more.”

Perhaps the break is a good thing. George revealed that he and fellow band mate, Nathan Sykes, had previously decided to start looking to get involved with other projects, and The Wanted’s break proved the perfect opportunity.

But even though the decision was mutually understood, it was still hard to break the news to the rest of the band and their manager, Scooter Braun.

“We had a very difficult conversation,” George confessed.  “Our manager Scooter Braun asked us who would want to take a step out after the tour and try to do their own thing. Me and Nathan both said we have other ambitions.”

“We were more prepared than the others because we’d looked at how things had been going with the band over the past few months.”

The Wanted had also been going downhill in record sales. This caused Universal to drop their support of the band last month, playing a big role in the band’s decisions moving forward.

George intends to take up the mic in his new solo career, which he started a while ago when he recorded with Flo Rida. He also says that he might break into acting, while his other band mates are thinking about modeling (Siva Kaneswaran), DJing (Tom Parker), TV/Radio (Jay McGuiness), and similar solo careers (Sykes).

“I’ve already been signed with CAA, a big agency in Hollywood.” George says.
“After the tour I’m going to move to LA, get a house and settle there. I’m going to do auditions and learn the business. There’s talk of a couple of roles already.”

The Wanted will make their last appearances at the Arena in Shawnee, Oklahoma (May 17, 2014) and in the UK at the Nottingham Arena (April 1, 2014).

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