Angelina Jolie Is Chilling In Brand New Maleficent Trailer

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Movies

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Movies

Jayden Sheppard
Staff Writer

It has become a trend in recent years for production companies to do live action re-imaginings of famous fairy tales (many of which have already been seen as Disney animations). Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland and Snow White and the Huntsman featuring Kristen Stewart are just a few from the past few years. Titles to be done in live-action like Cinderella, Cruella of 101 Dalmatians fame, and The Beast (Beauty & the Beast) are already in pre-production.

Angelina Jolie will front the latest film within this category in Maleficent. The film will show the fairy tale from the eponymous villains point of view. A new trailer has now been released which shows off some very eye catching visuals. The movie is directed by Robert Stromberg, who was the production designer on Avatar and Oz the Great and Powerful. The film has already gained a lot of attention due to pop singer Lana Del Ray covering the song “Once Upon a Dream” from the 1959 Disney film, for Maleficent’’s soundtrack.

Check out the trailer below. The film also stars Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley, Sam Riley and Imelda Staunton, and opens in 3D on May 30th.

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