Good Luck Charlie Showcases The Disney Channel’s First Gay Couple

Photo courtesy of Disney Channel

Photo courtesy of Disney Channel


Jenna Boures
Staff Writer

The Disney Channel debuted its first gay characters on a recent episode of the popular show Good Luck Charlie.

In the episode, Amy and Bob Duncan (Leigh-Allyn Baker and Eric Allan Kramer) set up a play date for their daughter Charlie (Mia Talerico) with one of her new friends from preschool. The child’s two moms are introduced to the Duncans when they drop off their child for the play date.

The Duncan’s are completely accepting of the openly gay couple. Their relationship with them is tested only when one mom is talking to Amy Duncan and the other is stuck listening to Bob Duncan’s boring stories.
The Disney Channel went through with the landmark episode after receiving criticism from the hate group the American Family Association. After hearing about the show’s plans to introduce an openly gay couple, the group launched an email campaign in 2013. The campaign claimed that the characters would “corrupt the children’s network with LGBT content.”
It is evident that Disney’s introduction of an openly gay couple did not damage the psyches of its young viewers as the American Family Association thought. The Disney Channel’s decision to include the homosexual characters will surely affect how they are portrayed in other popular and progressive T.V. shows.

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