Usher Steps In For A Biebervention, Whisks Justin Away To Panama

Courtesy of Instagram

Courtesy of Instagram

Ben Patton
Staff Media Lead

Bieber-fever headed south this week as Usher and Scooter whisked the troubled singer away for some much needed R&R.

Following Justin’s arrest for drag racing in Miami last week (which may be a farse!), the singer’s mentor and manager took him and the crew to Panama for what we hope is an intervention. Though the singer was definitely surrounded by Beliebers as he and his group snapped photos with fans and even local celebrities, we assume he had some real talk with Usher and Scooter about his entanglements with the law.

While the Biebs is surfing and sunning himself in Punta Chame, detectives and prosecutors in Los Angeles are nearing a decision in the egging case that could become a felony charge for Justin.

“We will have a dialogue with the district attorney and determine, based on what we have, when we should bring the case over,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt. David Thompson told CNN on Friday. “We will then take the case to the D.A. It will be up to them to file charges and what charges at that time,” reported CNN.

CNN’s report goes on to say that should Justin be charged, “probation appears much more likely” than jail time citing instances with Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan where a lesser charge has been enforced in cases similar to this.

Stay tuned for all the latest as Bieber’s story continues.

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