Who Stole The Show And Who Fell Flat At Last Night’s Grammys?

Dani Strehle   &   Ben Patton
Content Editor     Staff Media Lead

Last night, I witnessed what I believe may be the greatest Awards show I have ever seen. The 56th annual Grammys did not disappoint, in any way, shape or form. From the performances, to the presenters, to the beautiful mass-wedding the took place with Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” in the background, The Grammys wowed from start to finish.

Now, I know you’re thinking: “But, Dani, what about the FASHION?” I’m glad you asked, because there were some doozies last night. Some stars knocked it out of the park, while others couldn’t even make it to first base. But enough of the silly baseball metaphors, let’s just suit up and get started, eh?


Courtesy of AP

Associated Press


Ariana Grande, Dolce & Gabbana

Dani: So, I get that Ariana is only 20-years-old and still coming into her fashion own, but I think maybe she should just hire a stylist instead. Because this dress is, first of all, completely seasonally inappropriate (the country is a friggin’ popcicle), and THAT HAIR. WHY WITH THE HAIR?!??! She needs a good cut, or at least, a different up-do.

Ben: I really don’t understand her hair. It ruins everything for me; she really needs a cute cut…like ASAP.



Kathy Griffin, Nagini’s Freshly-Molted Skin

Dani: I don’t believe there are words that can adequately express the sheer mess that this dress is; so we’ll just let you see it and make your own judgments.

Ben: She won a Grammy; the rest is history.

Courtesy of WireImage


Katy Perry, Valentino

Dani: Katy? Hey, KATY! Last night’s event was the GRAMMYS, not the Met Gala Costume Ball. You should have left your kitchy little costume at home and really proved that you’ve come into your womanhood. Right now you’re just the same ol’ Katy, sans the giant lollipop and cotton candy hair.

Ben: I get that it was straight off the runways of Paris, but honestly I was not a fan of this in the slightest. I love Katy, but I really wish she’d step it up!

Getty Images

Getty Images

Madonna, Ralph Lauren

Dani: Okay, okay, we get it, you’re Madonna. But being Madonna means that bar is set HIGHER for you, not lower. Therefore your preposterous choice in this Ralph Lauren suit is, like, a thousand times more disappointing. Also, you look bad. Not just silly, but bad.

Ben: I knew I’d hate her look before I even saw it…what does that tell you? Yes, I’m psychic.



Zendaya, Emanuel Ungaro

Dani: This dress is clearly in the midst of an identity crisis. It can’t decide if it’s a one-piece, a skirt, a dress, sheer, solid. Ugh. No dress should make a viewer’s head hurt by trying to sort out what in the h*ll is going on. Also, this look ages her so badly. I am not a fan.

Ben: This hot, young starlet looked like a washed up wannabe that should NOT be at the Grammys.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Pharrell Williams, Left Over Adidas Jacket From High School

Dani: We certainly aren’t the first people to find Pharrell’s over-sized a bit of a, er, head-scratcher. But I’m equally confused by his utter lack of effort for this entire look. He was on stage more than anyone last night, which means we had to look at this ridiculous getup over and over. Fail, Pharrell. Fail.

Ben: I hate when guys at these awards shows dressed like they perused through a garbage dump.



Dishonorable Mentions: Fashion Police Faux Pas, Giuliana Rancic in Alex Perry & Kelly Osbourne in Badgley Mischka.

Dani: Once again, the women who literally get paid to judge other people’s fashion choices make it onto the worst dressed portion. I don’t know if Kelly was trying to channel Black Sabbath here, or what, but no. Just, no. And I worry that Guiliana will blow away during a strong gust of wind. No gown is going to look good when all you can focus on are the protruding bones on the person wearing it.

Ben: Have they ever made their own worst dressed list? Cause Joan should be calling them out on this crap!

Worst Dressed Of The Night:

Dani: I’m giving worst dressed to Ariana. I cannot get past the hair. It shall haunt my dreams.

Ben: Gosh, so many options. I’m going to have to say Pharrell Williams for being such a terrible example of cutting edge men’s fashion.


Getty Images

Getty Images


Queen Latifah, Stunning Black Sparkly Dress That Appears To Have Materialized Out Of Thin Air

Dani: Oh. My. God. All hail the Queen! Latifah looked amazing in this gorgeous and simple black dress (that apparently was not designed by anyone as I am finding the creator impossible to locate). Not only did she steal the show by officiating over the 33 marriages last night, she shimmered her way right onto every best-dressed list out there. Bravo!!

Ben: Once again Queen Latifah stuns in a beautiful, black dress. Not only can she add mass wedding officiate to her resume, but red carpet stunner as well!

Getty Images

Getty Images

Anna Kendrick, Azzaro

Dani: Ugh. This dress. This woman. I swear, they are both flawless. This shade, which completely washed out Michelle Dockery at the Globes, looks incredible on the sun kissed Kendrick. Her flowing tresses, her body and those KILLER shoes just pull the entire look together for a perfect storm of glam. Her cups runneth over, and I am obsessed.

Ben: Anna Kendrick is gorgeous. I loved her in this dress…her cups looked quite voluptuous as well, I must say.



Chrissy Teigen, Johanna Johnson

Dani: If I were John Legend, I’d be writing beautiful love songs about Chrissy Teigen, too. She is a goddess. This Johanna Johnson gown fits her perfectly, and turns her into the shining deity that she is. Her hair and makeup are styled to perfection, and she is literally almost too beautiful to look at.

Ben: Chrissy stunned at the Grammy’s. She looked beautiful, elegant and right on track with what everyone should have looked like (I’m looking at you, Madonna).



Beyonce, Michael Costello

Dani: Beyonce needs no words. Just look, love and enjoy; because not one other person on this earth could rock this look like she does-bed-head and all.

Ben: I mean, she really is the Queen! This look was flawless in every way and Beyonce just oozed with class and beauty. A+++++++++++++!



Ciara, Emilio Pucci

Dani: Ciara looks incredible in this Emilio Pucci masterpiece. I LOVE that she is embracing the bump, instead of attempting to hide it. The earth tones in the gown complement her caramel colored skin to absolute glowing perfection. She looks exquisite.

Ben: Ciara is usually a hit or miss on the red carpet, but she rocked this Pucci number. I wholeheartedly approve.

Best Dressed Of The Night:

Dani: This is a no-brainer for me: Chrissy Teigen takes the best-dressed honor this time around. I have no critiques, and am actually a little jealous of John Legend. They certainly do make an absurdly beautiful and talented couple; life’s just not fair, ya know?

Ben: I have to give it to Beyonce. The woman had the eyes of the world on her, and she literally nailed every aspect of her look; not to mention slaying the night with her and Jay Z’s opening number! Beyonce is Queen and it’s time we all started acknowledging it.

That does it for us, readers! I hope you enjoyed our Grammys fashion recap. Be sure to let your voice be heard and vote for your best and worst dressed in the polls below!


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