British Baddies Gear Up For Super Bowl Jaguar Commercial

Photo courtesy of Jaguar

Photo courtesy of Jaguar

Kaitlyn Elliot
Staff Writer

Hollywood has had a recent uprising of British villains. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but it might leave us Americans wondering how come we can’t be that awesome?

We were recently gifted a “teaser” video of Tom Hiddleston’s role in the new Jaguar commercial featuring Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley, and Mark Strong – three cinematic baddies. These three Brits explain to us through this commercial exactly why all of our “high-profile” villains just happen to be British.

As if the incredibly British men were not enough, the video is full of typical British culture, enough to make the American anglophile jump for joy.

The video literally shows Tom Hiddleston drinking tea while flying around in a helicopter, never spilling one drop on his fancy suit. Tom Hooper is the director of the video, who also directed The King’s Speech – very British. Oh, and Ben Kingsley is a knight and you don’t see many of those walking around in the states do you?

As if the video could please us anymore with British culture, Mark Strong races through the streets in a beautiful white Jaguar to meet his handsome villain pals at some elite “hiding place” Americans will never have the privilege to see because well, like the rest of the video, Brits only.

So if you can look away from the football game long enough to watch the Super Bowl commercials, you will be graced with the presence of these three fine men in a Jaguar commercial airing during the Super Bowl on February 2nd. Until then, keep calm and carry on.

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