Donald Glover Releases Short Film Chicken and Futility

Photo courtesy of WireImage

Photo courtesy of WireImage

Mia Johnson
Staff Writer

Fans of Donald Glover may like to know that the old saying is true: when one door closes, another one opens. In this case, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for Glover and fans after his recent departure from NBC’s Community as he has more projects up his sleeves.

During the most recent season of the Community, Glover was scheduled to appear in only five episodes, but for good reason. By agreeing to make limited appearances on the NBC comedy, Glover was given the opportunity to focus on the other side of his entertainment career; making music as rapper Childish Gambino.

Now that Glover’s schedule has been freed up, he’s been dedicating his time on his latest projects. In addition to his focusing on his music career, Glover will combine his love of music and television by producing a new show for FX tentatively titled Atlanta. The show will be a comedy centered on the Atlanta music scene.

As a teaser of Glover’s production skills before Atlanta premieres, a new short called Chicken and Futility has been released by the artist. The short was provided by Complex, in addition to their cover story where Glover spoke to the publication about his creative process and upcoming projects.

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