How I Met Your Mother’s 200th Episode Dives Into The Mother’s Past

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Courtesy of

Ben Patton
Staff Media Lead

The milestone 200th episode of How I Met Your Mother was full of revelations about The Mother and her not-so-perfect past.

The episode was fittingly titled, “How Your Mother Met Me,” and explored the life of The Mother (Cristin Milioti) before she met Ted (Josh Radnor) and it turned out to be a very emotional half hour of our lives.

Basically you find out Ted and The Mother had been almost meeting for years and that her life is nowhere near perfect prior to meeting Ted.  We discover that the night Ted and Robin meet is also The Mother’s 21st birthday. She and her friends are gathered at MacLaren’s Pub (not the same one) waiting for her boyfriend Max, who actually never shows up because he died. Ouch!

Her timeline moves swiftly ahead two years to St. Patrick’s Day when her friends drag her out (because she’s still not over Max) and as all HIMYM fans know, she ended up leaving her yellow umbrella at the party she attended.

We see other little moments, like when Ted starts lecturing her class on architecture, only to realize his mistake and which prompts his sudden and embarrassing exit. Luckily, she found that incredibly awkward moment cute!  And later when Ted sees her foot (random!) while he was dating her roommate (played by Rachel Bilson).

The episode ended with The Mother singing a beautiful cover of “La Vie En Rose” on a ukulele (I mean, c’mon!) which Ted actually hears through the walls of the Farhampton Inn, not knowing that the crooning beauty would one day be his wife.

If the tears weren’t flowing by this point, there was an issue!

What did you think PopWrappers? Was it worth the wait to learn about The Mother, is it or too little too late?

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