Iconic American Folk Musician, Pete Seeger Dies At Age 94

Courtesy of Jon Sievert / Photoshelter

Courtesy of Jon Sievert / Photoshelter

Ben Patton
Staff Media Lead

Pete Seeger was a banjo-playing folk singer and passionate activist. The “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” singer passed away yesterday of natural causes at the age of 94.

“He thought everyone could be heroic,” Seeger’s grandson said. “He got the world to sing. I think he was a role model to his family, to the whole world.”

The singer led an Occupy Movement back in 2011, was a member of the Communist Party back in the 1940’s, and “was a longtime supporter of the labor movement, and supported the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements,” according to NBC News.

During his career, he was convicted of contempt of Congress and has said to the AP, “Be wary of great leaders. Hope that there are many, many small leaders.” Seeger has also performed for political leaders like President Obama during his 2009 inauguration, and President Bill Clinton praised him saying “[He is] an inconvenient artist who dared to sing things as he saw them.”

Seeger’s grandson said the lanky musician had been chopping wood just 10 days prior, and that he died peacefully at New York Presbyterian Hospital surrounded by family and friends.

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