The Simpsons Take A Trip To The Super Bowl With Everyone’s Favorite New Girl

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Roxanne Powell
Staff Writer

February 2 isn’t just the day the groundhog may or may not see its shadow! It is also the day of the Super Bowl XLVIII—and the Simpsons family is here to kick us off!

An animated Zooey Deschanel opens the cartoon segment, introducing the Simpsons who have left the small town of Springfield to attend the Super Bowl.

They say the camera adds on a little extra weight…to words! As the segment wears on, each member of the Simpsons family says something to irk the Fox newscasters, who ultimately decide to intimidate the family with a robot.

Man versus Machine: Round…which one are we on again?

A recent episode of the Simpsons, which aired January 26 on UK Channel 4, had its Fox logo featured during US show time. This short had Homer Simpson trying to get a hold of what he loves best: beer. A pack of Duff beer gets caught in the power lines, and Homer takes it upon himself to get it down.

It certainly sparked his imagination!

The Super Bowl XLVIII, pitting the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks, will air from the MetLife Stadium on Fox, February 2, 2014.

Catch two all-new episodes of The Simpsons, coming back to Fox on March 9, 2014.

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