Marvel Releases More Thor: The Dark World Special Features

Photo courtesy of Marvel

Photo courtesy of Marvel

Chessie Reiss
Staff Writer

In what can only be described as marketing genius on the part of Marvel to promote the release of the 3D and HD blu-ray of Thor: The Dark World (due out February 4), deleted scenes, screen tests, and hilarious outtakes have been released all over the web.

Following the release of Tom Hiddleston as Captain America yesterday morning, three more special features starring and about Loki have been released.

The first two came from Yahoo Movies , which includes two clips of Tom Hiddleston auditioning for Thor.  This was a hot topic during promotional interviews for Thor: TDW.  While on Chelsea Lately, Hiddleston said, “I basically went from 180 pounds to 198 pounds and I had something like seven percent body fat.”  It certainly shows in all the right places.

USA Today released the third special feature – a deleted scene between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his mother, Frigga (Rene Russo) where they discuss Loki.  The scene is actually very touching, and adds much needed depth to Frigga’s character.  Unfortunately it was most likely cut, along with other scenes involving the villain, Malekith, to achieve a manageable run time.  But, had the Frigga scene been included, it would have made the scene which ultimately brings Thor and Loki together, that much more poignant.

Marvel has been wise to channel the affections of the Hiddlestoner community in an attempt to boost sales, we’ll see if it works.

Thor: The Dark World releases on 3D and HD Blu-ray on February 4, while the regular Blu-ray and DVD will be released February 25.

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