Minnie Driver Would Drop Everything For Downton Abbey

Photo Courtesy of People.Com

Photo Courtesy of People.Com

Jenny Geng 
Staff Writer

Oscar nominated actress, Minnie Driver, famous for her roles in Good Will HuntingBarney’s Version and The Phantom of the Opera, would give anything to be in a certain British period drama series called Downton Abbey.  Who would have guessed?

“I would do Downton Abbey—tomorrow,” Driver said to Entertainment Online.

“I don’t care what I play.  I just want to be on the show. I want to be in it. I’m obsessed with it. I don’t even mind if they kill me after one episode. I just love that show. It’s the greatest soap opera on TV!”

Currently, Driver stars in NBC’s About A Boy, an American television series based on the book by Nick Hornby.  The series follows immature and unemployed Will Freeman (David Walton) whose life is forever changed when single mom Fiona (Driver) and her 11 year old son Marcus (Benjamin Stockham) move next door.

About A Boy is set to premiere on February 22, right after the Olympics.

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