Zac Efron’s Naked Scene In That Awkward Moment Was Well, Awkward

Photo courtesy of Yahoo! Movies

Photo courtesy of Yahoo! Movies

Kaitlyn Elliot
Staff Writer

Zac Efron “in the nude”? Now that we have your attention we can inform you that that’s exactly what happens in Efron’s newest movie, That Awkward Moment.

During one scene in the movie, Efron is shown planking over a toilet while completely naked. While you might think this was definitely an “awkward moment,” Efron saw it differently; “This movie is all about that. Bring it on. How much more awkward can it get?”

The 26 year old heartthrob has said a few words on the subject before, during a Twitter Q&A. “What was it like planked naked over a toilet? Dangerous, risky, challenging—but I always take pride in the fact that I do my own stunts.” And adding “I’m constantly embarrassed. I believe that I learn more from failures than my successes.”

You can see Zac Efron as well as Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller in That Awkward Moment premiering in theaters January 31st.

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