Budweiser Shows Us Some Adorable Puppy Love In New Ad

Photo courtesy of kwch.com

Photo courtesy of kwch.com

Jayson Flores
Staff Writer

Budweiser would probably not be the first brand that comes to mind when the concept of cuteness comes up. However, this week they showed that they’re not only capable of keeping a product alive and popular, but also capable of pulling at the heartstrings of an audience, a Super Bowl sized audience nonetheless. Prepare your hearts, because this is as cute as it gets.

Accompanied by Passenger’s 2013 hit Let Her Go, this Super Bowl XLVII ad features a rambunctious golden-retriever puppy that becomes friends with a neighboring horse. The people around them try to tear them apart, and in the end, attempt this permanently by trying to send the puppy away. But in the end the power of friendship prevails, and the horse stops them from taking the puppy away, with a little help from its friends.

This adorable adventure of animal buddies proves to be a big contender in the competition for best Super Bowl ad. America will have to wait until next Sunday to see how it fares against an undoubtedly large pool of other contenders. Budweiser plans on tugging on heartstrings once again, next time with a much more real and “close to home” commercial. They released a brief teaser of their second Super Bowl ad, which is entitled, “Hero’s Welcome.” The video intends to honor soldiers that are returning from Afghanistan.

Budweiser is clearly in-it-to-win-it this year. Between a puppy, a horse, and a tribute, their videos have all the makings of a huge viral hit. While Sunday promises a load of wonderful commercials, the Internet has Budweiser’s too-cute-for-words ad to enjoy in the meantime!

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