Ellen DeGeneres Teams Up With The Beats For Super Bowl Ad

Credited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Credited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Shane Avery
Staff Writer

What CAN’T this woman do?

Ellen DeGeneres apparently found time in her busy schedule to film a commercial for the upcoming Super Bowl, and then released it to fans before the big game.
The ad finds the funny lady playing Goldilocks, breaking into an apartment complex called “The Woods”. She is then joined by 3 bears as they search for the proper tunes. When they find the right song to dance to…
You know what happens!
Check out the video below:

The hostess with the mostest shared some info on the Beats before playing the ad:
“It’s an app on your phone and it helps you make personalized playlists,”
“You know how on other music apps, you can pick a song and then all the sudden all these other songs go don’t even go with it. You’re like, ‘How is this song part of this that I picked?’ Beats has playlists picked by real people—like me. I have some songs that I’ve curated on there. I have a few lists.”
The episode is slated to air today.
What did you guys think of the commercial?

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