J.K. Rowling Reveals Inside Info On Harry Potter’s Dark Arts Teacher Gilderoy Lockhart

Courtesy of Associated Press

Courtesy of Associated Press

Bradleigh-Ann Walker
Staff Writer

Happy Belated Birthday to Gilderoy Lockhart, the eccentric Defense of the Dark Arts teacher who entered J.K. Rowling’s infamous wizarding world in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Any Potterheads ever wonder what Gilderoy’s life was like before he became a famous author?

To celebrate the special occasion, Rowling revealed some background information on the professor, recorded in three separate audio clips, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The clips were unveiled the day before his birthday, on January 25, at A Celebration of Harry Potter, an event held at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida.

“Gildeory Lockhart isn’t his pseudonym, Gilderoy Lockhart is his name. And I think that says something about his mother, who was very ambitious for her son, and encouraged him in the belief that he was a remarkable person. Gilderoy is quite a flashy name, I think,” Rowling said in one audio clip.

Well, Lockhart certainly took that encouragement to heart, not to mention his ego.

“Gilderoy Lockhart was the only child in his family who showed any magical ability, so he was very proud of himself in going to Hogwarts, and he was sorted to Ravenclaw House. Though I suspect, I think people will be unsurprised to hear that he narrowly escaped Slytherin, but he scraped into Ravenclaw,” she added in another.

To hear the rest of Rowling’s witty remarks on Lockhart, visit Pottermore.com.

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