Taylor Swift Shows Us Her Surprised Face After Grammy Loss

Photo courtesy of PopSugar.com

Photo courtesy of PopSugar.com

Susan Booth
Staff Writer

When it comes to award shows like the Grammy’s, it can’t be easy to watch someone win an award that you felt you deserved to win. As reported by The Huffington Post, that is just what happened to Taylor Swift. Taylor is not use to losing and doesn’t have the best losing face. She also isn’t very convincing when it comes to pretending to be happy for someone else.

Photo courtesy of HuffingtonPost.com

Photo courtesy of HuffingtonPost.com

Swift lost out on Best Country Album, which went to new comer Kacey Musgraves. You can see Swift’s face and she pretended to be happy, and her expression when she thought she had won album of the year.

Taylor went home empty handed from the Grammy’s this year for the first time since her Grammy debut in 2008.

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