WWE Star Matt Hardy And New Wife Reby Sky Arrested After Violent Brawl

Courtesy of: Extreme Rising

Courtesy of: Extreme Rising

Christa Tintelnot
Staff Writer

According to TMZ.com, Former WWE star, Matt Hardy and his wife, Reby Sky, were arrested on January 1, 2014 for assault and battery… against each other. Police reports indicate that the brawl went down at a hotel in Virginia and police were called in at 5:45am.

The 911 call was made by a member of staff at the hotel, who told the operator that, “A guest just came down here and said somebody’s beating the hell out of his wife a girl or something.”

Hardy and Sky, whose real name is Rebecca Hardy, were both arrested, booked and later released on bail. Both Hardy and Sky show scratches on their faces in the published mug shots and Sky is shown with a black eye and a fat lip.

Further reports indicate that, following the incident, the couple took out restraining orders on each other.

However, internet posts tell a different story as the couple, who were married on October 5 2013, have been posting photos together as recently as last weekend.

Reby Sky posted this photo on her personal twitter account (@RebySky) on January 26. 

Courtesy of: @RebySky / Twitter

Courtesy of: @RebySky / Twitter

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