Benedict Cumberbatch Fans Outraged After The Actor Reads R Kelly Lyrics

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Kaitlyn Elliott
Staff Writer

The ever-so-famous Benedict Cumberbatch has gotten in “trouble,” dare we say, with his devoted fan base.

According to, Cumberbatch read rap star R Kelly’s newest song’s lyrics live on a US talk show. The song consisted of lyrics like, “I can’t wait to turn you on/It’s how you make me feel, baby/I can feel your body flowers while I’m kissin’ on your thighs.” This caused a very unexpected response from Cumberbatch’s seemingly devoted fans, some even going as far as saying “Benedict celebrating R Kelly is disgusting. I will never support [Benedict] again.”

But is there a reason behind the backlash? R Kelly has been haunted with 21 accounts of sex with a minor in 2008 which was later reduced to ‘soliciting a minor for child pornography.’ Despite his past, Kelly continues to produce raunchy and explicit albums like his most recent “Black Panties.”

It seemed as though Cumberbatch was just reading the lyrics as a joke, but some of his fans did not think that was very funny. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Benedict Cumberbatch Fans Outraged After The Actor Reads R Kelly Lyrics

  1. I actually have to disagree with you. I watched that show when it aired, and followed the social media activity during and post-airing, and am quite confused as to what part of the Cumbercollective fandom you researched to find such comments. If anything, Benedict Cumberbatch seduced the fandom (and world) and performed a better rendition of the song than R. Kelly did! Everyone that is aware of who Benedict Cumberbatch is, knows that there is a “running joke” that his voice can seduce anyone – a quality also found in his former co-star, Tom Hiddleston. Benedict is a great sport when it comes to doing skits/monologues like this, so if anyone should be upset about this, it should be directed at Jimmy Kimmel and his production. Not Benedict. I believe people were actually more upset that R. Kelly was a guest on the show, which is understandable, given his scandalous history. Personally, I believe that writing an article that makes it appear that the general consensus of the fandom was upset, when it was the complete opposite, is quite misleading to the general public.

  2. I have to agree with the previous comment maker. What backlash are you referring to? I frequent many fan blogs dedicated to Mr. Cumberbatch and I have yet to see one complaint about his reading of R. Kelly’s lyrics on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Everyone in the Cumbercollective, including me, seems to have found it quite funny. There may have been the odd one or two who may have not cared much for this joke, but one or two do not make up the entire fandom. I have never heard of any backlash, and believe me if there was actual blacklash it would have been all over the news. I think Benedict can rest easy knowing that he is not in any sort of trouble with his legion of fans. Also, I think it is quite odd this subject popping up after such a long time has past since the show’s broadcast.

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