GPS Records Suggest That Justin Bieber Was NOT Drag Racing

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Courtesy of

Stephanie Coats
Lead Events Editor

We all know about Justin Bieber being arrested for drinking and drag racing. While the DUI evidence seems pretty incontrovertible, TMZ has obtained GPS records from Bieber’s car that seem to show he was in fact not drag racing.

TMZ reported that the pop star’s rented Lamborghini never reached anything close to the 55 to 60 mph Miami Beach police claimed they saw. The evidence is this: the GPS on the car is designed to record speed whenever the vehicle accelerates suddenly. According to the records, at the time of the alleged drag racing, Bieber was going 27 mph at the 3700 block of Pine Tree Drive. Not only would this have been in the middle of the supposed racing area, but it is also below the 30 mph speed limit.

To add further potential issues to the prosecution’s case, records from Bieber’s father’s Escalade indicate he did not help block the street so his son could drag race. Jeremy Bieber’s GPS shows his car was parked outside Club Set while the father and son were inside. Then at 4:06 a.m., the Escalade pulls away from the club, only a minute before Justin Bieber’s own car registers leaving the same location. The Escalade does not stop until the pop star is pulled over.

As TMZ points out, if these records are true, they would directly contradict Miami Beach police and call into question why the cops stopped Bieber in the first place.

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