Katy Perry Couldn’t Help But Fondle Anna Kendrick’s Lovely “Cups” At The Grammys

Photo Courtesy of JORDAN STRAUSS/ Invision/ AP

Photo Courtesy of JORDAN STRAUSS/ Invision/ AP

Christa Tintelnot
Staff Writer

If you tuned into the Grammys this past Sunday (Jan. 26), you saw both Katy Perry and Anna Kendrick looking beautiful in their dresses as they walked the red carpet. What you didn’t see was the….ahem…fingering…that went on between these two bombshells…

Kendrick sat down with  Conan O’Brien on Tuesday night (Jan. 28), and told him about her Grammy experience.

“Katy Perry finger-banged my cleavage…she’s very mature.”

After the appropriate reaction from O’Brien, Kendrick clarified, “Well, my dress…I was kind of asking for it. If nobody had done it, I would have been a little sad.”

Kendrick explained to O’Brien that she and Perry actually have met before and that Perry is “aggressive…I like it.”

Check out the video here, and get a load of that dress that Kendrick was wearing! Would you do the same thing Katy Perry did?

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