Pop 5: Get Your Hiddles Fix With Our Five Favorite Tom Hiddleston Videos

Photo courtesy of MarvelMovieWiki.com

Photo courtesy of MarvelMovieWiki.com

Kaitlyn Elliott
Staff Writer

If you are anything like us here at PopWrapped, or anything like a large majority of pop culture fans, you get extremely excited at the surfacing of any new Tom Hiddleston video. So we have decided to pick the best of the best Tom Hiddleston videos to share with you. Due to the fact that Hiddleston is not currently starring in any television shows or movies, some of you may be having withdrawals. Hopefully this will help.

1. Tom Hiddleston shows up at ComiCon in full Loki costume seemingly “taking over” the panel and causing the whole room to ultimately swoon.

2. Second, we have a video released by Donmar Warehouse that shows Tom preparing for Coriolanus. The video offers backstage insight on the preparation and hard work that goes into preparing for a show.

3. Next we have Tom singing “Stand By Me” on Stars In Cars. Showing off yet another talent of his. It might not be his best talent, but we still love it!

4. Of course, we couldn’t have a list about Tom Hiddleston without mentioning his dancing skills. He impressed us when he danced on Chatty Man, showing some very promising moves.

5. Last, but certainly not least, we see Tom in his most recent movie, Thor: The Dark World, turning into Captain America. Now, in the movie, Loki actually changes into the real Captain America (played by Chris Evans). But in this recently released clip, Hiddleston is actually shown in the suit himself.

There you have it; our five favorite Tom Hiddleston moments in video form. Hopefully this will quench your Hiddleston thirst until February 25th when you can buy Thor: Dark World on DVD. Unless of course you are lucky enough to see his live production of Coriolanus which runs until mid-February at London’s Donmar Warehouse.

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