Candace Cameron Bure Talks Twitter, Fan Encounters, And Possibly More Full House In The Future??

Photo courtesy of fan

Photo courtesy of

Olivia Assante-Siaw
Staff Writer

Candace Cameron Bure, who you may know as DJ from classic American TV show Full House, had a chat with Perez TV and told them all about how Twitter has changed fan and actor relationships, a funny fan encounter and a possible Full House sequel!

Cameron Bure’s character was very well-known and is still loved by many today, so there are going to be some inevitable encounters with fans! She told Perez TV about a girl who came up to her when she was using her asthma inhaler, and got very excited because she too had asthma!

Candace then went on to say that she “Couldn’t have imagined what Twitter would have been like during Full House.” She said that twitter has allowed her to “relate to fans and entertainers instantly.” She said that it’s nice to interact with kind and supportive fans, but some can be a little “creepy” and “obsessive.” She talked about how many people today tweet her the infamous image of her face in the sky with the lyrics to Usher and Pitbull’s hit song as a caption!

In regards to Full House having a sequel series, Candace said that’d she’d “absolutely be up for it, we’ll see!”

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