Gleeks, Assemble! Songs From Part One Of The 100th Episode Have Been Released!

Photo courtesy of Fox

Photo courtesy of Foxleeks

Dani Strehle
Senior Manager

Don’t stop believing, Gleeks!! If you are anti-spoiler, STOP READING! Go no further! Because contained in this post is the COMPLETE list of songs that will be performed during the landmark 100th episode of Glee.

GleekOutBrasil has released the ten song list that we can anticipate for the March 18 episode. Ryan Murphy opened voting up to the fans several weeks ago so that they could vote on their favorite performances to be revamped for this historic episode.

Not only will we get to some of our songs remastered, but most of our favorite characters, past and present, will be also be making appearances.

So if you simply CANNOT wait any longer, check out the full list below. If you’re will is stronger than others’, then stop now, and wait until March rolls along and be surprised!

“Raise Your Glass” sung by April Rhodes and Will Schuester
“Defying Gravity” sung by Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel, and Mercedes Jones
“Valerie” sung by Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce
“Keep Holding On” sung by Noah Puckerman
“Toxic” sung by Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez, and Brittany Pierce
“Happy” sung by Holly Holiday, Will Schuester, April Rhodes, Blaine Anderson, and Mercedes Jones

There you have it, Gleeks! Stick with PopWrapped as we creep closer to the 100th episode for part-two of the spoiler list, and Glee special features!

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