Justin Bieber Keeps A “Breast” On His Stripper 101

Courtesy of TMZ

Courtesy of TMZ

Ben Patton
Senior Manager

Justin sure knows how to bounce back! The singer, who was recently detained in New Jersey after police smelled pot odors on his plane, is back in the states and partying with pals once again.

The singer was spotted with his friend, Khalil Sharieff, at an L.A. studio enjoying the hired entertainment. Sources told TMZ that Justin and his pal decided to get up close and downright personal with a stripper who had been hired to entertain the gang at the studio. The above photograph pretty much says it all, so I don’s see any reason to expand on this further! Do you?

You might remember Khalil from Justin’s recent run-in with Miami police after the two were supposedly caught drag-racing while intoxicated. That story is still developing, but from the looks of things, Justin isn’t letting all this negative press deflate his routine.

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