Utah School Refuses Lunch To Children With Overdue Cafeteria Fees

Photo courtesy of gawker.net

Photo courtesy of gawker.net

Aedan Juvet
Staff Writer

40 students that attend Unintah Elementary in Salt Lake City had lunches taken from them by school officials because of overdue cafeteria fees (we kid you not).

Jason Olsen, Salt Lake City District spokesman, says the child-nutrition department noticed numerous students’ families had remaining balances on Monday, but the department could not inform the school until after lunch had began being served on Tuesday. The department concluded it was necessary to take the lunch straight from the children and dispose of them. Erica Lukes, one of the children’s mothers, tells Salt Lake Tribune “It was pretty traumatic and humiliating I think it’s despicable. These are young children that shouldn’t be punished or humiliated for something the parents obviously need to clear up.”

“Something’s not working, and that’s what the school and child-nutrition department are going to work on together,” Olsen claims, adding, “This can be easily prevented.”

In an attempt at making a badly executed half assed apology, Olsen went on to say, “If students were humiliated and upset that’s very unfortunate and not what we wanted to happen.”

Later the district issued an apology on their Facebook page.

“We understand the feelings of upset parents and students who say this was an embarrassing and humiliating situation.”

Hopefully this can be prevented in the future; I’d say a school lunch is better suited for a child than a trash can.

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